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--------- News 15.12.2005 ---------

Yes happy whateverday it is to everybody.. When the day comes that is. Big news big news.. As you can probably see, I've improved from my early pathetic crap that I somehow managed to fart on the paper.. Well atleast thats what I think. I'm still learning to draw (yeah the hair on both Susan and Peter look quite silly, theyre not just right). I have been watching ALOT of tutorials and other peoples comics and drawing all sorts of stuff with their style (yes including anime..). I like my current style (the abdomination, crafted from 20 different styles) and I intend now to keep this style and improve it.. As much as my inferior brain lets me to.. This is actually the first day I put this comic on the webcomic lists (cause early comics lacked the humor & decent images. Comic still lacks humor but atleast now the pictures are prettier). So now I'm actually expecting some hits on the site.. And constructive critique! I demand feedback or I shall devour you and wash you down with a bottle of Tequila Silver. No but seriously. I won't bite. Just say something on the shoutbox or send an email or something. On to the holiday thingy: I won't be around my computer during Christmas & new year, plus I got some supertough exams after the holiday so I can't spend much time on drawing.. If I want to pass the exams. And I want to, since studying requires money and I won't get funding if I don't pass the courses.. So... NO UPDATES DURING HOLIDAY SEASON! *imagine somesort giant yelling that with rumbling voice*. Once again happy whateverday to everybody! I'm out...

--------- News 17.11.2005 ---------

Added doodlethingie. Gaze upon there. Hopefully it works.. Oh and I won't be able to update this site during weekends at all.. Sometimes... Reason is that I will be most of the weekends spending quality time with my parents, miles away from the dorm where the computer will remain in this 5m x 3m room. But thanks to Keenspace/ Comicgenesis autoupdate thingie I can upload the next strip here so you may behold the crappiness with beady little eyes. That is all. NEW! Shoutbox is located to the left of you. Say something there if you have something to say. =).

--------- News 15.11.2005 ---------

Hooray! My webcomic is finally on the infinite internet, which, I hear, is approaching it's end; apocalypse is upon us! But that's just what the professors in the university (where I'm currently studying) ramble about.. Nothing to be afraid of, theyre never right anyway.
Welcome to my comicwebsite thingie. This is first web page I've done in about 7 or 8 years so if you have suggestions/ problems regarding either the page or comic, please toss me with an email here. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Then I'd like to thank comicgenesis/ keenspace for this automated comic thingie and the vast amount of storage space they've given me to fill with junk. Onto the comic we go. I must apogolize that about 10 of the first strips here will be all messed & smudged. Thanks to YOU, right arm! *Swings butchers knife* Do that 10 times in a row again and I'll chop you off from the torso! Yes. I have done them with my mighty pencil. The first isn't even lettered. Sorry about it. The next one is a bit more clearer but not clear enough. It's all messy too but it will be lettered with my mighty photoshop skills like the rest of the comics. After the first 10 things will start getting better as I've managed to acquire a ink pen! *Dun dun dunnn!* Yes fear my skills. And about the artwork: Well it will suck, atleast untill, say, the hell freezes over. My drawing skills consist of 3 hour of drawing in elementary school and last 4-6 weeks. I have improved from the early doodles, which I made couple weeks back, greatly (damn were they ever so embarrassing) and I hope I will continue improving. I will update the comic whenever I can/ want. Currently the interval is 5 days. I may update more often, depending on how much schoolwork I have on my hands, how much ideas I have stored in my head and how fast I can put em on paper. "Oh god! It will never be updated! It is a common knowledge that his head is a vacuum! And he can't draw! It is impossible! And look at the all grammar errors here!". Silence you! So.. Once again: Welcome to my site, enjoy your stay, thank you and come again!

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